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Generic Zyban (150mg)

Generic Zyban Generic Zyban
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Introduction in Detail

Smoking is now becoming a global problem as this addiction is at the highest rate across the globe. Generally people get addicted at the age of 20 and this habit become an addiction. There are many diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, acidity, migraine cause due to this addiction. There are many medications and rehabilitation methods are available to stop smoking cause.

Generic Zyban is the medication that is highly sold in the market that helps patient quit smoking. It reduces secretion of dopamine and norepinephrine, which leads to balance of these compounds between brain cells. Further chemical action is preceded with the same action and regular intake of this medication regenerates reception of newer cells. All these mechanical actions lead to get free from smoking addiction. Strong will power and proper usage of Zyban medication makes patient free from this life threatening habit.

1) Generic Zyban Bupropion has intended to for the specific use only. It has only purpose to provide solutions over smoking addiction. Usage of this medication must be done according to the doctor’s suggestion. There are precautions need to be taken if the patient has other health conditions under treatment.
2) You must consult your doctor if you are recently undergone pregnancy, especially if the baby is delivered using Seizure method.
3) The patient must take care while using this medicine if he is under treatment of diabetes, brain tumor.
4) You must consult your doctor if you are under high addiction of alcohol, drugs & smoking.
5) Precautions must be taken if the patient is already having a history of heart attacks because Zyban Bupropion may create irregularities in heart beats.
6) The patient must take precautions if he is suffering from mental stress, depression, anxiety.
7) Intact, care is required if the patient has hypertension as an overdose of the medication leads to severe side effects.

1) If any medication is reacting to the content of the Generic Zyban i.e. Bupropion patient must stop using the course.
2) You must be careful while using this smoking cure medication if you are already suffering from a seizure disorder or any treatment is already going on to the respective issue.
3) You should not use this medicine if you are already on the course of the medication having same basis Bupropion ingredient.
4) Contact your physician if you have bulimia, anorexia.
5) Make sure you placed sufficient gap between any other medication course, such as Phenelzine, Azilect, Eldepryl.
6) You must stop all the activities that give rise for kick of smoking, such as high alcohol because high consumption of alcohol leads to a false feeling of happiness.
7) If the patient is consuming nicotine based patch, then it this medication may cause high blood pressure issue. Taking both these things in the same case causes fatal issues. It is required to check your blood pressure under the same condition so that it will not cause further issues.
8) Bupropion may cause sudden change in the behaviors of the patient because along with a smoking habit, it also relieves the patient from depression. This medication has also been prescribed for the treatment of depression.

1) Generic Zyban is prescribed as anti smoking medication and antidepressant also thus there are some symptoms that lead to side effects which can be observed and taken care of.
2) As this medication directly works on mental activity, i.e. reducing crave for smoking there are some side effects could be observed. But under proper observation and guidance of doctor, medicine is taken then there are very less chances to experience side effects. Any unusual reaction must be consulted with the doctor to avoid further side effects.
3) Some normal side effects may be observed such as – Nausea, Constipation, Insomnia, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Nervousness, Dry mouth, different dreams, Dizziness.
4) Some patient may observe other side effects related to digestive system such as pain in abdomen, irregular hunger, and tastelessness. 5) Generally, when this medication starts working patient may observe some commonly predicted side effects such as body pain, throat infection, sneezing, regular cough.
6) The patient may face breathing disorders and asthmatic condition such as bronchitis.
7) If the patient also suffers from blood pressure then there some chances to see increased blood pressure.
8) Temporary dullness may be observed in some cases.
9) Such side effects are observed because quitting any addiction creates attack on the brain. To get habitual of that body undergo some changes that we call as side effects.

1) Generally, generic Zyban is prescribed with 150mg dosage. Dosage frequency is changed according to the symptoms and results are observed in the patient. Doctor may increase dosage to twice a day at the end of first cycle of 3 dosages.
2) This medication takes some time to show effect, so some sort of patience are required until required amount of dosage are not given. The patient may feel smoking crave till a couple of weeks as this crave goes down you can stop smoking naturally.
3) The dosage is required to be continued till 10 weeks to see lifetime effects. But you need to consult your doctor if do you not notice any such progress when half tenure is over. Doctor may recommend to continue 150 Zyban dosage even after you quit the addiction. But it is required to stop your from smoking after some time may be months.

Medication must be stored in dry and secured place. If anyone other than the desired person takes this medicine, he may experience strong reaction. Preferably one should avoid keeping this medicine under direct sunlight. Because content of the medicine may react to heat and sun rays.