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Ovral (50mcg / 250mcg)

Ovral Ovral
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1) Some conditions may require consulting with the doctor and you must confirm with the doctor whether to take the pill or not. Because taking the pill in the rare case does not create any complications, but habit run away from the pregnancy increases when you start taking the pill.
2) Any contraceptive containing a combination of Levonorgestrel & Ethinyl Estradiol change body conditions. It may affect levels of potassium in the body, it may cause a strong effect on kidney disease, liver disease, gland disorders. If you observe any changes in such condition immediately take doctors help.
3) Smoking is strictly prohibited when you take a contraceptive. It increases the risk of heart attack, blood clotting.
4) Make sure this medication is only working on prevention of pregnancy, it does cure any other health issues such as AIDS or HIV.
5) Taking this pill without doctor’s concern may keep your secret hidden, but increases the risk of permanent failure of getting pregnant.

1) Working of Ovral is directly related to the reproductive system of female and choosing the wrong direction may lead to permanent loss of capacity of pregnancy. There are many health issues and condition our body suffers and woman should not take this pill in the meantime. Some serious precautions need to be taken so that you get desired results.
2) Use of Ovral should be avoided if you are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, suffering from heart issues such as attack, stroke, and beats.
3) You must ask your doctor before taking the pill if you have any troubles going with liver or kidney.
4) Consumption of Ovral pill should be avoided if you have vaginal bleeding and any disease of the adrenal gland.
5) Here is some other condition that avoids you from taking the pill. You cannot take the medication if you – have heart disease, are overweight, are suffering from any type of cancer, especially breast cancer, are suffering from side effects of other contraceptives, have an irregular menstrual cycle period.

1) This medication really works on serious because it is related to the reproductive system and stops reproductive organs to make changes. Ovral is needed to be taken after complete confirmation with the current body statistics otherwise, it may lead to various side effects.
2) There are some common side effects may be observed when you are new to this pill such as hives, heavy breathing, swelling of various body parts such as tongue, throat, face. If you notice any such sudden changes, then it’s required to stop consumption of the medication and contact the doctor.
3) Some rare side effects are observed if the pill is taken in unfruitful body condition.
4) Sudden migraine attack and increase pain severity.
5) Body pain starts in upper body portions, chest pain, the feeling of getting sick and nauseous.
6) Feeling of weakness, change in the vision, feeling of losing control over balance.
7) Sometimes you feel stress and depressed after taking the pill.
8) These are commonly observed side effects of the consumption of the Ovral tablet.

1) Ovral tablet comes in the combination of Levonorgestrel & Ehtinyl Estradiol. The combination of these two factors comes in dosage quantity of 0.15mg & 0.03mg respectively.
2) Dosing guidance should be taken from the doctor and number of dosage will be finalized by the doctor. You must consult prior regarding the overdose and missed dosage condition. So that further complication will be avoided.

Medications must be kept in dry and cool condition. Tablets may react to heat and direct sunlight, thus, both the things must avoid for better condition medication. You must not keep expired date crossed tablets and consume them.