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1) As for every medication, we need to make sure of a certain thing to get better results after taking the pill. The same situation is with Lovegra pill, thus some precautions must need to be taken. Our diet has a high impact on the consumption of medication. Lovegra should be taken with water for the ease of swallowing. You should not have a high-fat diet before taking this medicine. High-fat delays absorption of the content into the blood and thus you may experience delays and less effect.
2) Doctor’s consultation is highly essential before taking Lovegra. Consultation with doctor gets a clear idea about the suitable dosage, a number of dosages and other precautions. Patients suffering from high blood pressure must extra careful while taking this pill and confirm with the doctor. Sometimes consumption of medicine may increase your blood pressure.
3) Consumption of Lovegra when various other diseases you are suffering needed to confirm. If any woman is suffering from a blood pressure issue, sickle cell disease, leukemia is advised to not take this medicine. One must check with the physician about the Kidney and heart medication reaction with Lovegra pill.
4) You must not drink alcohol before the consumption of Lovegra.

1) You must avoid this medication if you are having any other same ingredient medication for the same solution.
2) The content of Lovegra reacts with other nitrate base medications, thus keeping one them out of life is ideal. The reaction of Lovegra and Nitrous medications leads to metabolic changes and undesired results.
3) Over consumption of the medications reduces its effect on our body gets used to of the content.
4) A pregnant woman should not take this pill and if she is willing to then consult your pregnancy care, doctor.

1) As far as the intake is as per guidelines this medication does not give any kind of side effects. But still, there is commonly observed side effect or reaction is noticed.
2) Some exceptional behavior noticed after sexual intercourse.
3) Sometimes a patient may feel changed vision, blurred vision for some time, change of eyesight.
4) Facial flushing, Nausea, ill feeling, irritation may be observed as part of the side effects of Lovegra.
5) This medication increases blood supply and sometimes the patient may experience a sudden change in blood pressure. But that is for a temporary period and if that persists for a long time one must contact a doctor immediately.

1) Generally Lovegra 100mg is prescribed on the daily basis. Patients are warned not to overdose the pill. Most side effects are caused because of overdose itself. Doctor can increase the dosage to 200mg or 150mg if the patient is not getting desired results from the 100mg dosage. It is mandatory to take this medication dosage along with water for quick dissolving. One must take the medication prior 30 minutes of the activity.
2) Lovegra is used to enhance sexual libido and sensitivity. It does not treat any other sexual disease. Usage of the medication for other purpose might be dangerous. One should consume the medication exactly according to suggestions.

Medication is required to store at cool & dry place. Make sure it is not used by children so keep them away from the children is safe. Medications should catch moisture and if it happens kindly dispose the medication.