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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage such low pricing?

There are several reasons behind offering of such low pricing. Our main marketplace is online search marketing where we save our money which we suppose to spend on branding, advertising and other marketing skills. Our purchase is directly done from manufacturers and thus we get good medications with bulk rates, we pass on the money to you by offering medications at low cost.

What are generics and how they are safe?

Generic drugs uses same chemical contents but manufactured by different companies either after patent expires or from the other country where certain patent does not applicable. Generic medications are totally safe as they do not differ in quality. Just manufacturing company is different which is also approved by their respective country regulation standards.

What is safety applied to payment processing?

We always take all the payment transaction protection such as secure encryption 256bits where data is received in encrypted code format except address and product details. We work by keeping long term vision so we do not engage ourselves into temporary fraudulent activities.

What is online support includes prescriptions?

There is one standard procedure which helps us to make a prescription on behalf of you. With such details we received via online form is much more improvised that fulfills all the inquiries done by physician during regular visit.

I want to known about shipping policy?

Our system offers you free Airmail shipping for all the orders which gives shipping service to 99% of the global locations. At checkout page you will get clear idea whether we are able to deliver your order at your country or not.

If I don't get the order then what should be done?

Generally this is hard to happen but in case due to some technical error if shipping fails to reach then we will reship you order.

How to track my order?

You will receive all the required information to track your order in the email after payment confirmation.