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Generic Cialis Soft Tabs (20mg)

Cialis Soft Tablets Cialis Soft Tablets
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1) Like any other medicine, Cialis is also required to take with some precautions. One should not use any other same treatment, medicine when Cialis Soft is in the course. Using two medicines, giving same treatment may lead to overdose. An overdose of this medicine has many strong side effects.
2) For men suffering from any other serious health issue, they must consult with a doctor regarding the use of Cialis Soft Pills. You must consult with a doctor regarding any nitrate base medicine is in the active course.

1) Consumption of this medicine and any other medicine, providing same treatment should be avoided if you are taking any other medicine, especially based on Nitrate group. For confirmation, you must consult with a doctor before taking this medicine along with other nitrate pills.
2) You must have detailed idea about usage benefits and side effects of the medicine. Without proper knowledge and doctor’s suggestion, you do not start the consumption of Cialis soft pills.
3) This is PDE5 medicine is only for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction it does not cure any other sexual health issue such as premature ejaculation or STDs. Only men can use this pill and it should be avoided from the contact of a lady and child.

1) Improper usage or consumption during weak body condition may lead to side effects. Generic Generic Cialis soft pill does not give such serious side effects that lasts for a long time, but if any such abnormality tends to more than expected time then you must contact the doctor.
2) There are some commonly observed side effect are observed that are totally temporary such as vomiting, weakness, dull feeling, nausea, headache, But such side effects occur for some time and then one can feel like normal.
3) Do not overdose Cialis soft pill medicine as it may lead to erection persistence for more than 36 hours and that may create some fatal consequences.

1) One should confirm the dosage quantity with the doctor as we provide Cialis soft pills in dosage quantity of 20mg. This dosage is commonly used for performance up to 36 hours. Dosage must be confirmed with a doctor and an overdose of the medicine should be avoided.
2) One should take this medicine with empty stomach along with regular water. This medicine is a soft version in a semi jelly form which dissolves faster in the blood.
3) For any complication with dosage, one must contact a doctor for further assistance.

Not only this medicine, but every medicine must be stored in clean and dry place. This medicine reacts with atmospheric condition and that may spoil the medicine. Consumption of such damaged pill may be harmful and there are chances of side effects. This medicine is needed to be kept away from direct sunlight and avoid from moisture. As this is men special medicine it should be kept safe from children and women.