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Generic Cialis Oral Jelly (20mg)

Cialis Oral Jelly Cialis Oral Jelly
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1) This medication directly works for the enhancement of your sexual capacity that is the reason it is required to take the medicine with proper care and precautions. One should not take this medicine if the allergies to components of the medicine, Tadalafil, and other added contents. One should discuss prior taking the medicine regarding such allergic conditions.
2) One should purchase this medication from trusted medicine, pharmacy online so that the product delivered will be genuine possessing high quality.
3) This medicine is only good for once in 24 hours and one should overdose medicine to avoid further side effects.

1) This medicine is not ideal to be taken when nitrate-based medicines are in a course because Tadalafil and nitrate based compounds have a strong reaction that may lead to strong side effects.
2) Cialis Jelly is strictly made for men and it is dangerous for women or kids. It is required to keep them away from reaching.

1) Generic Cialis Oral Jelly is safe for use as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. But as every human being has a different body condition and standard composition medication may react with the patient. Such condition may lead to side effects. To avoid side effects, one must take this medicine according to the guidance of a doctor.
2) There are commonly observed side effects are a headache, nausea, weakness, vomiting, and dizziness. These side effects are mild and temporal which does not last for more time.
3) Where there are some serious side effects are there such as a sudden increase in blood pressure, erection for a long time more than expected using the pill, heart beat changes.

One must ask the doctor how much dosage is good for him and then once doctor confirms one can take Cialis oral jelly. 20mg Cialis jelly is commonly taken dosage of the medicine. One must take this medicine along with water only after sexual stimulation.

To keep this medicine in good condition one must store this medicine at the dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture because the content of the medicine may react with heat and moisture.