Things That Works Like Sin With Our Body

Bad Good Habits

A human being is one of the mysterious creatures of nature and it is considered as one of the diversified living species on the earth. Intelligence factor or the ability to take a decision & think are the best gift that we got from our god. Millions of inventions and upgrades human have experience in his life and all of them are done by keeping convenience in mind. But like the nature of rule “Anything in extra is dangerous” and somehow we are facing the same trouble now. Despite knowing many things in deep we are committing mistakes and that goes like a sin on the health and our body.

Here are some things/habits that work like a sin to us

1)    Everyone is aware of his hunger but a human has never been satisfied with the food. The entire world is now facing the trouble of diabetes due to eating habits like an animal but we never follow activity level of animals. Even animals eat in proportion depending on their hunger.

2)    Weakness is not only faced due to lack of immunity but it can also happen due to the addiction of medicine. There was a time when this world have seen people who never used to have any kind medicine till the end of life but now we are just making ourselves nothing but the storage of antibiotics. The more you depend on medicine the less healthy life you going to live.

3)    Sexual health is one of the biggest reasons which is responsible for our reproduction and adaptation. Many people are not taking it seriously and they are just taking all the effort to screw it up and when people see money in front everything goes on second priority. This decade has experienced most of the cases of young getting affected with sexual health such as premature ejaculation, impotence, low libido.

4)    The biggest sin in today’s time is nothing but the taking face out from the healthy food plate and concentrating on junk food. From a kid to oldies everyone likes junk food and occasionally it is okay to have but now there are some people who are occasionally eating healthy food rest of their life is depend upon junk food.

Our health is a precious thing and it’s our responsibility to preserve it as much we can.
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