Protecting Your Hair from Losing

Hair loss

As generations are passing on we are losing our immunity and that results into over health structure of our body. There was a time when people do not use to consume a single tablet or any other medications throughout their lifespan up to 100 years. If we compare today’s situation a baby kid also requires some kind of medications.

Hair loss is one of the serious beauty disorder that both men and women facing since very young stage. There are various reasons behind hair loss that includes genetically factors, pollution, mental stress, unhealthy diet. Like we mentioned there was a time where people even are not aware of tablets but somehow increased usage of medications is also considered as the strong reasons behind beauty disorders such as hair loss, dry skin, the acne & wrinkles.

Protecting You Hairs from Losing

  1. Going natural – Most of us use various chemical based products which work nothing but the poison in the future. Using such shampoos and conditions damage our hair from root instead of nourishing. Using herbal solutions works like magic though it takes the time to show an effect but it prevents your hair loss for a long time.
  2. Oil Massage – Regular massage to scalp with natural essential oil is very important as it rejuvenates your roots and also offers required oil inside the scalp. Using coconut oil or any other variant helps to protect hairs for losing. Regular oil massage not only strengthens your hair but also helps to relax your mind. Having massage during night gives the most pleasant sleep experience.
  3. Medications – Sometimes hair fall goes so bad that it could not be cured with such long-term effective treatment and at that time one must use medications Minoxidil helps to prevent your hair loss. Though such medications are not required for a long term but when the situation looks like uncontrolled it helps a lot.
  4. Improving Digestion – Digestion and throwing out harmful toxins is required to protect your beauty. If you are facing digestion problems or your body is not able to detoxify properly then it might be an indicator that you are going to lose hair in future. Detoxifying is not a difficult process but it is the important one.

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