Male & Female Contraceptives



In this century entire word has seen more than 200% surplus population globally as per last century. Though the population has grown with a major explosion but resource are growing according to natural speed thus it created big trouble for a human being. This gave rise to using various methods to prevent this population and we could create some decent balance in the natural resources and human growth.

In some countries like China, Africa & India there was a big problem such countries conducted awareness programs while some run programs that restricted birth of a second child for a couple of decades. The medical world never stays back when there is a problem with mankind. Various medicines and objects are invented that helped to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Birth of Contraceptives

Such methods that helped to prevent unwanted pregnancy are known as contraceptives and sexual protection methods.

1)    Condoms – Condoms are rubber made caps that is used at the time of sexual intercourse by a male partner which prevents sperms entering into a further stage. Condoms are considered as the most popular method used to prevent pregnancy. Due to breakage factor sometimes that goes on the negative side.

2)    Contraceptive Pills – Contraceptive pills bagged high position among all contraceptive measures used to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Medicines like Ovral helped a woman to stop pregnancy process within 72 hours of unprotected sexual activity.

Things to Remember While Using Contraceptives

Though there are a variety of contraceptives are in use but one has to take care of few things to avoid further problems.

When the condom is being used one should buy from a safe source and must check if it is broken after a sexual activity happened. Sometime condom gets broken in the middle of the sexual activity and after a couple of months, it comes with the news of pregnancy.

As using contraceptive pills are easiest option to choose from many ladies used them with high frequency. Over usage of any medication is always dangerous and one must take care of that. Using such pills frequently may lead to complete loss of fertility. It is very important to use such medications after doctor’s consultation.

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