Causes of Female Impotence

Causes Female Impotence

So far today it is believed that majority of men suffers from Impotence or sexual dysfunction issue but in recent time it is found that many women also suffering from sexual dysfunction. Likewise men now women are also performing all the tasks, in fact, a woman has to spend more energy than men. Handling profession, as well as household responsibilities, are much hard to maintain.

Female Impotence (Female Sexual Dysfunction) is now bothering many women and percentage is growing every year which is the thing to worry. There are several causes can lead to this problem and now one should understand these causes to get rid of this issue.

1)    Stress – Stress is believed to be the most common trouble that every adult is facing nowadays and that leads to various health issues. Overloaded with many responsibilities leads to stressful mind and thus, a lady cannot get into the feeling of sexual actions.

2)    Sexual Pain – As we are adopting a culture of junk food, quality of health started depriving. For flawless sexual action requires sufficient lubrication otherwise it could lead to severe pain during activity. Due to fear of that pain, many women decide to stay away from such incidences of sexual activities. By having proper diet lady can maintain her sexual balance and enjoy sexual actions.

3)    Lack of Sexual Desire – Once the mood is set anyone can get stimulated for sex but a lack of desire could not make it possible. Medications like Lovegra (Female Viagra) could help in this case as it helps to make this way easier.

Getting Over Sexual Dysfunction

Certain treatments can help a lady to overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction.

Changing eating habits, routine, and activity level could be the best way to treat sexual impotence issue among women.

If the issue seems to psychological instead of physical then counseling with a psychologist and practicing meditation could be the better way to treat the issue. We are suffering from mental illness more rather than physical illness.

Lowered blood pressure and having nerves system problem one can experience sexual dysfunction problems. By working out regularly with exercises such aerobics, Pilates and yoga blood pressure problem and nerves system issue could be regulated.

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